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CSP-Sociology 26

Gothic Cathedrals and Great Churches of England, 1150-1350


Course description:
This course examines English gothic cathedrals and great churches in historical context. The class will explore reasons why bishops and kings built them, and some of the political, economic, and socio-cultural effects cathedrals had on the wider society. It will also study building techniques, how work was organized, and the nature of the building trades involved in the monumental task of erecting these complex structures.

Students will be invited to select one or more cathedrals or great churches to study in detail in connection with the course. In addition to the principal lectures, guest lectures will be given by authorities from Stanford and neighboring universities, as well as from England.

Two versions of this course exist:
A live lecture series.
This was typically given about once a year, and was a traditional Stanford Continuing Studies course.

A televised version.
This was originally recorded from the live lecture series given in the winter of 1995. It is occasionally broadcast on Channel 51 in the Bay Area: sometimes for credit through the Stanford Continuing Studies Program, sometimes simply broadcast. In the for-credit version, participants join in an on-line discussion moderated by the instructor, Dr. Robert Scott, exchange ideas with each other in this virtual classroom, and may submit written work for evaluation and a grade.

Robert A. Scott
Associate Director of the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Scott holds a PhD in Sociology from Stanford. In addition to his work at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences, he occasionally teaches courses in the Program in Human Biology.

The bibliography for this course is available grouped by subject and in alphabetical order.
Note: a newer bibliography is now available, from Bob Scott's new book, The Gothic Enterprise.

Sarum seminar program
This is a continuing program organized by Bob Scott and Julia Fremon to allow participants to further pursue their interests in Gothic cathedrals and related subjects.


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